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Purr View is a cat lover's purr-spective on cat care and the feline lifestyle where the cat is at the center of the home!

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The Purr-View™ is a method I developed over twenty-seven years of working with healthy, senior and special needs felines as a cat sitter, groomer and cat boarding manager. 

I bring together True Cat Parents and Professionals, so that we can learn about in-home cat care servicescomfort and bonding techniques, fun feline lifestyle stories, tips & solutions and I help cat business owners attract, serve and keep true cat parents as lifelong customers. 

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My purr-spective has developed over twenty-seven years of working as a professional cat sitter, cat bed & breakfast manager, a cat groomer in Kingston Massachusetts where I lives with my hubby and a bunch of cats! 

  • Dedicated to being a Professional Business with Insurance
  • Passionate about cats and educated on their care
  • Providing Comfort to cats by using techniques, tools and gentle handling
  • Committed to Bonding with cats when possible
  • Attention to Detail for higher quality service
  • Listen to cat parents needs and instructions
  • Communicating Clearly, kindly and regularly with owners

Do You Know Your Purr-sonality Type?

Have you ever wondered how your  purr-sonality type affects your cats? Is your style to buy lots of fun toys, do you create nookie beds all over your home, is your style more in the action interaction or do you have a minimalistic style. You will be surprised how these answers relate to you. Our Bonus video is included in the main community when you join. 

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