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"Your Cats Won't Even Miss You When You're Away"

I'm a professional cat sitter & consultant and my purr-view has developed over twenty-seven years of working with cats.

My online programs share cat comfort and care tips, classes and consultations.

Stay connected in the Cat Community where you can share cat pictures, watch videos and enjoy exclusive purrks.

Purr View is a cat lover's purr-spective on cat care and the feline lifestyle where the cat is at the center of the home!

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In the studio, I bring together cat parents and enthusiasts, so that we can learn about at home comfort and care techniques, tips & solutions, be entertained by fun feline lifestyle stories, purr-use feline focused art and crafts and connect to essential resources.

The Studio on Mighty network is where we can connect in a easy to use app, and it's where I GO LIVE. You can also access the replays inside the app, share cat photos. view the calendar, Member Purrks. You can easily connect to my client care portal, and back to the main website. Its on the Mighty Network App and available on the web.

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  • and much more... 

I'm a professional cat sitter, cat video creator & consultant and my purr-view has developed over twenty-five years of working with cats. I share videos and classes on cat care and the feline lifestyle, including tips, techniques and resources that support and inspire cat parents. I also offer pro training and mengorship to help more people start and expand their cat care business.. 

Join my cat community to watch Purr View TV Show, share your cat photos and Connect with other cat lovers! I also offer classes & Workshops where you can go a little deeper and learn something new.

Bonus Video Included

I've included my latest video, What's Your Purr-sonality Type? When you join, you will find it under the Welcome Section in Discovery. Its a fun feline lifestyle video, and when you know your type share it with the group in the comment section.  

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